Sylviane has competed in Fitness competition for many years has won many gold and silver medals. Sylviane began her fitness career as a cyclist and then moved to bodybuilding. She participated in the NABBA European and World Championships and was ranked number two in France.

After moving to California she began to compete in Fitness and Sport Aerobics. In Sport Aerobics she became the California champion in her first competition. She also won the silver medal three years in a row, 1996-1998, in the National Aerobic Championship (NAC) with her partner Robert Brady.

Sylviane has also been in the top 10 at the Fitness America Nationals, and placed 6th in the World at the Fitness Universe Pageant in 2000. From there she became recognized as a choreographer/coach for Sport Aerobics and Fitness competitors, but she still competes occasionally. In 2005 she placed fifth in the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) National competition.

Sylviane has also performed her highly technical and entertaining routines at Fitness Expos, Events, and in Videos and on live TV. She has even caught the attention of the Discovery channel to do a segment on her highly motivating teaching style.

Sylviane has extensive experience as a competitive athlete and trainer. She has been an elite personal trainer, coach, and instructor of fitness, for over 10 years. She enjoys Fitness activities, whether practiced as a shape-keeping activity or as a competitive sport. What Sylviane enjoys most is sharing her passion with others and seeing them enjoy it as much as she does. Personal training is her way of helping people rediscover themselves and change their body shape as well as their mind. It is like a sculptor that curves out a beautiful piece of artwork from an unshaped block of material. For this purpose she has opened the Club Sportif and Spa. Currently, her passion is to be the best Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor, and Pilates Instructor for her clients.

Sylviane studied Physical Education at the Center for Research in Sports and Physical Education (CREPS) in France. The courses included an extensive background in anatomy, functions, physiology and nutrition. At the Center she learned not only how to better train herself, but also how to train others to reach their physical goals. Sylviane holds a degree in Physical Education and a degree in Gymnic Expression. She also has worked for 3 years as a professor for CREPS as a National judge to admit qualified trainers into the program.

Training Philosophy

Every personís body is different so what works for one may not work for another. Sylviane thoroughly knows how the body works and is familiar with many techniques and strategies so she can develop a highly personal program for each and every one of her clients. It does not matter if you are a high level athlete, need to recover from an injury or just want to stay fit, Sylviane can develop a program for you. What is important is to find an individual program that each client can enjoy and expierence great results.

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