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Welcome to the First Pasadena's Fitness Center located in a completely renovated ecologically responsible Gold LEED-registered complex.

The need for Club Sportif and Spa has been brewing inside the heart and mind of Sylviane for over 10 years even before its conception. Sylviane's understanding not only of body mechanics but mental and emotional components allows her the flexibility to take anyone with any fitness goal and train them to success. Sylviane's passion for fitness and exercise science is well proven in her complete dedication to strive for and conquer each and every sport she has been involved in. Bodybuilding, Sport Aerobics, Fitness, bicycle racing, dancing, basketball and soccer, are all sports Sylviane has not only participated in but artfully mastered. You can read more about Sylviane's extensive achievements in each sport in her Biography section of this web site.

As a trainer, pilates instructor, dance instructor, and athlete herself, Sylviane used her flexible techniques with her clients often taking them from one section of the gym to another all in one training session. One minute working with a medicine ball, the next on a pilates apparatus. Traditional gyms do not favor this type of training in that the focus is on packages, a pilates package is supposed to be all pilates, and a personal training session is supposed to be always with weights. Sylviane's education and experience has taught her that this thinking is very limited and does not serve the client to their full potential. Always wanting to shift moment to moment to meet her client's needs the structure of corporate fitness centers did not offer or encourage this type of training.

With such an educated background and extensive experience in form, technique and bio-mechanics, it is a pleasant surprise to find at the core of Sylviane's values an extremely caring and nurturing spirit. Sylviane always takes her clients moods to heart and knows exactly when to push someone, when to let off, and when to change direction of focus in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the client.

Club Sportif and Spa opened its doors in June of 2006. It was one of the greatest moments in Sylviane's life. To see her dream of a facility that incorporated all of the key elements she uses in her training, not only under one roof but each piece carefully selected and each class carefully crafted to meet the goals of the people of Pasadena and nearby surrounding areas. It is only natural then that the types of trainers and instructors that gravitate to Club Sportif and Spa are also nurturing in spirit as well as passionate about health and fitness, and elite athletes themselves.

Sylviane continues to evolve Club Sportif and Spa to meet the needs of her community as well as exceed their expectations with her exuberant energy and playful spirit. To understand Club Sportif and Spa is to understand the essence of Sylviane's life work and mission.

Club Sportif and Spa is always looking for the best answers for your health and fitness goals.
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Being healthy has just been taken to whole new level.  If you have not been to Club Sportif and Spa at 780 South Arroyo Pkwy in Pasadena you have not yet begun the quest for your healthy potential. This privately owned gym provides many of the amenities of a high- end, fitness center including Pilates, Weight Training, Circuit Training, Fitness Coaching, Personal Training, and Group Classes. What you won't find anywhere else is a facility that takes care of you and your environment at the same time.

Club Sportif and Spa
780 South Arroyo in Pasadena.